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Published: 21st October 2009
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Whether you like it or not abstinence is the only 100 percent effective way of not catching HPV. However, for those of you who are or are planning on being sexually active there are some different things you can do in order to protect yourself from getting HPV or genital warts while at the same time having an active and pleasurable sex life. STD Testing Centers Denver

So, using a condom is perhaps the most common and effective way of preventing HPV, however it still only provides a limited amount of protection.

Research shows that a marine plant life Carrageenan also kills the HPV virus on contact which means that if you were to use a personal lubricant that has Carrageenan in it you would be giving yourself an additional amount of protection against the HPV virus.

Make sure you take the proper measures to avoid the contraction of genital warts or HPV; the origin or genital warts. Here's are the ways on how you can be protected against genital warts:

1. Use of protection, and not just birth control. It sets off the chances of getting a woman pregnant drastically, but doesn't insure it. Birth control merely stops the ovulation process( the release of eggs every month) and it creates a thicker layer of mucus around the uterus making it more difficult to fertilize an egg if one were to enter.

2. Use condom to prevent any contact between the penis and the vagina all together. But this doesn't allow semen to travel into the vagina. With a condom you don't have to worry about contracting HPV from a partner because of the protective layer that the condom provides, but you still must be careful. The genitals aren't covered by it, and they can transfer the virus.

3. Ask your partner before engaging in sexual intercourse if he or she has HPV or genital warts. This is just one way of making sure of being infected with genital warts.

Treatment is normally tolerated with headache being the most commonly reported adverse event (22%). Efficacy data revealed that 11% of the subjects had complete response, defined as absence of warts and 67% had partial response. Treatments provided at the website are easy to follow. You can carry out your treatment from your home; the treatments offered are quite safe and pragmatic. Treatment may be uncomfortable but should not be painful. Never try to treat genital warts by yourself - always seek medical advice.

Treatment removes the visible wart but not the virus. Women who have the wart virus and who smoke are known to have a much higher risk of developing cervical cancer. Women most commonly first get them on the tissue at the opening of the vagina that is closest to the anus and on the labia surrounding this tissue. Sometimes these bumps can even arise in the mouth or throat after having oral sex with someone who has the disease. Condoms may help reduce the risk of HPV infection. Condoms are the only form of contraception that offer some protection against transmitted Genital Warts, but even then, the protection is incomplete.

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